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Percussion Hammer
Sensibility Instruments
Examination and Measureing Instruments
Diagnostic Set
Head Lamps
Light For Speculum
   Probes, Cotton Applicators
Grasping Forceps
Varicose Vein Probe Set
Cotton Applicators
Ring Strippers
   Suture Instruments
Micro-Needle Holders
Needle Holders
Micro-Needle Holders With Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Needle Holders With Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Reverdin Needles
Suture Instruments
Ligature Needles
Ligature Conductors
Knot Tiers, Ligature Catcher, Loop Twisters
   Plaster Of Paris Instruments
Plaster of Paris Shears
Plaster of Paris Knives, Saws
Plaster Cast Instruments
   Orthopaedic Instruments
Amputation and Resection Saws
Bone Drills, Bone Reamers
Arthroscopy Instruments
Bone Holding Clamps
Hand Drills
Wire Twisting Forceps
Flat Nose Pliers
Wire Cutting Pliers
Bone Wire Guides
Bone Wire Tighteners
Extension Bows, Steinmann Pin, Clips
Bone Chisels, Bone Gouges, Bone Osteotomes
Bone Rasps
Lead Hands
Bone Curettes
Periosteal Raspatories
Bone Files
Bone Levers
Meniscotomy Knives
Tendon Stripper, Tendon Tunnel Instruments
Tendon Seizing Instruments
Reposition Forceps, Sequestrum Forceps
Meniscus and Cartilage Forceps
Bone Holding Forceps
Pelvic Reduction Forceps
Bone Ronguers Forceps
Bone Cutting Forceps
Nail Instruments
Finger Ring Saws
Wire Instruments
   Cardiovascular Surgery
Bone and Rib Shears
Sternum Scissors
Sternum Chisels
Rib Spreaders
Rib Spreaders From Aluminium
Intima Spatula
Vascular Dilators
Rib Contractors
Lung Spatula
Artium Retractors
Bronchus Forceps
Tissue and Organ Holding Forceps
Atrauma Bulldog Clamps
Atrauma Hemostatic Forceps
Multi-Purpose Clamps
Atrauma Tissue Forceps
Vascular Measuring Device
Atrauma Cardiovascular Forceps
Atrauma and Pediatric Clamps
Neonatal and Pediatric Clamp
Vena-Cava Forceps
Aorta Punches
Instruments for Cranial Opening
Cervical Traction Tongs
Clips and Applying Forceps
Aplying Forceps for Aneurysm Clips
Galea Hooks
Dura Dissectors
Nerve Root Retractors
Brain Spatulas
Nerve Hooks
Dura Hooks
Micro Instruments
Lamina Spreaders
Laminectomy Rongeurs
Intervertebral Disc Rongeurs
Accessories for LEYLA Self-Retaining Retractors
Trachea Trocars
Trachea Dilators
Trachea Retractors
Trachea Tubes
Goiter Seizing Forceps
Muscular Clamps
Lupus Curetts
Comedo Extractors
Tissue and Organ Holding Forceps
Intestinal Clamp Forceps
Atrauma Intestinal and Stomach Clamp Forceps
Atrauma Sigmoid Anastomosis Forceps
Intestinal and Stomch Clamps (Crushing Clamps)
Stomach Clamp Forceps
Intestinal and Anastomosis Clamp Forceps
Rectal Spacula
Sphincteroscopes, Anoscopes
Rectal Speculum
Rectal Biopsy Specimen Forceps
Haemorrhoidal Ligators
Kidney Stone Forceps
Nephrostomy Forceps
Kidney Pedicle Clamps
Kidney Elevating Forceps
Tangential Forceps
Gall Stone Probes
Gall Duct Dilators
Gall Stone Forceps
Gall Stone Scoops
Prostatic Retractors
Prostatectomy Instruments
Bladder Neck Spreaders
Bladder Retractors
Circumcision Instrument
Dilating Bougies
Metal Catheters
Catheter Introducing Instruments
Penis Seizing Forceps
Instruments for Anaesthesia
Catheter Forceps
Vaginal Specula
Vaginal Specula With Suction Tube
Vaginal Specula and Retractors
Uterine Dilators
Uterine Sounds
Uterine Depressors
Gauze Packer
Tenaculum Forceps
Utrerine Polypus Forceps
Myoma Instruments
Uterine Elevating Forceps
Fistula Hooks
Cone Knives
Suction Biopsy Curettes
Aspirating Curettes
Cervical Biopsy and Specimen Forceps
Uterine Scoops
Uterine Curettes
Instruments For Mini-Laparotomy
Hysterectomy Forceps
Vaginal Forceps
Obsterical (MidWifery) Forceps
Placenta and Ovum Forceps
Decapitating Hooks
Instruments for the Amnion Bladder
Abortion Scoops
Ovum Curettes
Umbilical Cord Clamps
Micro Ear Forceps
Micro Ear Scissors
Wire Closure Forceps
Crura and Malleus Nippers
Micro Ear Knives
Micro Ear Needles
Micro Ear Picks
Micro Ear Hooks
Micro Ear Stright shaft
Micro Ear Picks and Hooks with angled Shaft
Micro Ear Dissectors
Micro Ear Elevators
Micro Ear Curettes
Footplate Hand Instruments
Footplate Instruments
Suction Tubes
Ear Specula
Tuning Forks
Eustachian Catheters
Ear Polypus Snares
Ear Dressing Forceps
Ear Polypus Forceps
Foreign Body Levers
Ear Curettes
Ear Spoons
Ear Loops
Foreign Body Instruments
Ear Hooklets
Paracentesis Needles
Elevators, Raspatories
Ear Syringes
Nasal Specula
Nasal Snares
Dressing and Tampon Forceps
Nasal Polypus Forceps
Septum Compression Forceps
Nasal Cutting Forceps
Septum Scissors and Septum Forceps
Rhinoplastic Instruments
Sphenoid Punches, Antrum Punch Forceps
Rhinoplastic and Nasal Knives
Septum Knives
Septum Elevators
Septum and Periosteal Elevators
Chisels and Gouges
Osteotomes and Chisels
Nasal Rasps
Nasal Curettes
Adenoid Curettes
Wash Cannulas
Wash Catheters
Sinuscopy Forceps
   Oral, Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Mouth Gags
Cheek - Lip Retractors
Tongue Depressors
Minnesota Retractors
Tongue Holding Forceps
Soft Tissue Retractors
Ramus Retractors
Chin Retractors
Channelled Retractors
Periosteal Elevators
Disimpaction Forceps
   Palate, Tonsils
Cleft Plate Needles, Tonsil Needles
Tonsil Knives
Ligature Carriers
Tonsil Seizing Forceps
Tonsil Snares
Tonsil Punch Forceps
Tonsil Haemostats
Broncho-Esophagoscopy Forceps
Universal Handles
Interchangeable Tubes
Cutting and Grasping Forceps Tips
Endolaryngeal Micro - Surgery
Forceps for Laryngo - Bronchoscopy
Laryngeal Mirrors
Laryngeal Polypus Forceps
Epiglottis Retractor
   Opthalmology (Knives,etc.)
Eye Scalpels
Cataract Knives
Eye Knives
Corneal Knives
Foreign Body Instruments
Iris Hooks
Lid Instruments
Eye Spaculas
Orbit Spatulas
Cyclodialysis Spatulas
Lens Scoops
Lens Manipulators
Lens Expressors
Chalazion Curettes
Chalazion Scoops
Keratoplastic Knives
   Opthalmology (Scissor,etc.)
Micro Scissors
Keratomy Scissors
Iris Scissors
Corneal Scissors
Tenotomy Scissors
Capsulotomy Scissors
Trabecular Probes
Lachrymal Probes
Lachrymal Dilators
Double - ended Instruments
Iris Forceps
Conjunctival Forceps
Suture Forceps
Fixation Forceps
Capsular Forceps
Lens Implantations
Tissue Forceps
Strabismus Forceps
Muscular Forceps
Advancement Forceps
Entropium Forceps
Chalazion Forceps
Skeleton Forceps (Colibri)
Fixation Forceps (Colibri)
Ligature Needles
   Opthalmology Cannulas
Eye Cannulas
   Asepsis, Sterilization, Storage
Nail Scissors
Nail Nippers
Cuticle Nippers
Cuticle Scissors
Nail Files
Brush and Towel Baskets
Soap Dishes
Sterilizing Forceps
Dressing Sterilizing Drums
Sterilizing Boxes
Sterilizing Cases
Needle Sterilizing Cases
Sterilizing and Storage Cases
Sterile Deposit System
Safety Pins
Sterilizing Racks
Sterilizing Trays
Sterilizing Baskets
Solution Bowls
Wash Bowls
Round Bowls
Graduated Measures
Universal Trays
Instruments Storing Trays
Trays and Jars
Instrument Boxes
Containers For Cotton Wool
Medicine Cups and Spoons
Petri Dishes
Container For Dentures
Septum Cups
Kidney Bowl
Bed Pans
Triangular Basin
Placenta Pan
Gauze and Cotton Dispenser
Powder Strewer
Cotton Receptacles
Alcohol Burners
Tubing Clamps
Mobile Carriers For Infusion and Oxygen Cylinders
Mobile Carriers For Buckets and Basins
Arm and Leg Rest
Examination Lamp
Waste Buckets
Waste Forceps
Examination Couch
Gynecological Couch
Delivery Bed
Instrument Trolley
Mayo Table
Stainless Steel Cart
Ward Screen
   Vaccination & Puncture
Suction Tubes
Special Needles
Guide Needles
Biopsy Needles
   Orthopaedic (Drill Guides, etc.)
Tap and Drill Holders
Screw Drivers
Drill Bits
Bone Nailing Instruments
Instruments For Bone Plates and Screws
Tap and Screw Drivers
Osteosynthesis Instruments
Counter Sinks
Depth Gauges
Double and Universal Drill Guides
Compression Devices
Socket and Combination Wrenches
Drill Guides
Wire Instruments
Screw Driver With Interchangeable Blades
Instruments For Dynamic Hip Screws
Optional Instruments
   Neurosurgery - Micro
Micro Spring Type Scissors
Micro Spring Type Scissors, Bayonet-shaped
Micro Suture Tying Forceps
Micro Grasping Forceps
Micro Forceps, Bayonet-shaped
Tumor and Tissue Grasping Forceps, Bayonet-shaped
Micro - Needle Holders
Micro - Needle Holders, Bayonet - Shaped
   Neurosurgery - Retractors
Scalpel Handles
Exploration and Coagulation Hook
Tumor Knives
Micro Dissectors
Suture Pusher
Tumor Forks
Vessel Spreader
Vessel Dilators
Vessel Probes
Pituitary Instruments
Retractors For Vertebral Column
Lateral Valves
Retractors For Cervical Vertebral Column
Retractors For lumbar Vertebral Column
Specula For Lumbar Vertebral Column
Lamina Spreaders
Vertebral Body Distraction System
Dissecting Knives
Autopsy Knives
Cartilage Knives
Post Mortem Knives
Brain Knives
Scalpel Handles
Amputating Knives
Transplantation Knives
Razor Blade Holders and Breakers
Abscess Knives
Fistula Knives
Gum Knives
   General Instruments / Titanium
Scalpel Handles / Titanium
Razor Blade Holders and Breakers / Titanium
Operating Scissors / Titanium
Dissecting scissors / Titanium
Scissors for Cardiovascular Surgery / Titanium
Eye Scissors / Titanium
Iris Scissors / Titanium
Secondary Cataract Scissor / Titanium
Tenotomy Scissors / Titanium
Micro Scissors / Titanium
Dressing Forceps / Titanium
Tissue Forceps / Titanium
Grasping Forceps / Titanium
Jeweler's Forceps / Titanium
Tumor Forceps / Titanium
Micro Forceps / Titanium
Atrauma Tissue Forceps / Titanium
Artery Forceps / Titanium
   Suture Instruments / Titanium
Micro - Needle Holders / Titanium
Needle Holder / Titanium
Rib Spreaders / Titanium
Atrauma Cardiovascular Forceps / Titanium
Tissue and Organ Holding Forceps / Titanium
Micro Spring Type Scissors / Titanium
Micro suture Tying Forceps / Titanium
Micro Forceps, Bayonet-shaped / Titanium
Tumor and Tissue Grasping Forceps, Bayonet-shaped / Titanium
Micro - Needle Holders, Bayonet - Shaped / Titanium
Exploration and Coagulation Hook / Titanium
Tumor Knives / Titanium
Micro Dissectors / Titanium
   Neurosurgery / Titanium
Foreign Body Instruments / Titanium
Cystotomes / Titanium
Iris Hooks / Titanium
Cyclodialysis Spatulas / Titanium
Chalazion curettes / Titanium
Lachrymal Probes / Titanium
Iris Forceps / Titanium
Suture Forceps / Titanium
Fixation Forceps / Titanium
Skeleton Forceps (Colibri) / Titanium
Fixation Forceps (Colibri) / Titanium
Operating Scissors
Dissecting Scissors
Dissecting Scissors, Fine - Line
Fine Operating Scissors
Gynecological Scissors
Scissors for Cardiovascular Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Neurosurgical Scissors
Tonsil and Nasal Scissors
Episiotomy Scissors
Umbilical Scissors
Gum Scissors
Eye Scissors
Iris Scissors
Secondary Cataract Scissor
Tenotomy and Corneal Scissors
Corneal Section Scissors
Cartilage, Labectomy and Enteretomy Scissors
Ligature Scissors
Wire Cutting Scissors
Crown Scissors
Bandage and Clothing Scissors
Bandage Scissors
Plaster-of-Paris Shears
Nail Scissors
Cuticle Scissors
Nail Splitting Scissors
Micro Scissors
Scissors with Tungsten Carbide Inserts
   Fiber Optic Retractors
Fiber Optic Retractors
   Breast Dissectors
Breast Dissectors
Breast Markers
Speculas and Septum Forceps
Breast Spreaders
Endo Dissectors
Fiberoptic Light Guide
   Dressing and Tissue Forceps
Dressing Forceps
Tissue Forceps
Grasping Forceps
Jeweler's Forceps
Tumor Forceps
Forceps, Fine Patterns
Micro Forceps
Splinter and Cilia Forceps
Non-Traumatic Vascular Tissue Forceps
Dissecting Forceps
Dissecting Forceps With Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Extracting Forceps, English Pattern
Extracting Forceps
Extracting Forceps, Mead Patterns
Extracting Forceps For Children, English Pattern
Extracting Forceps For Childern With Spring , Klein Pattern
Extracting Forceps For Children, American Pattern
Extracting Forceps , American Pattern
Root Fragment Forceps
   Extraction (Root Elevators)
Root Elevators
Cartridge Syringes
Hypodermic Needles
Water Syringes
Chip Blowers
Mouth Mirrors
Cheek Holder
Handles For Mouth Mirrors
   Conservative Dentistry
Cotton and Dressing Tweezers (Pliers)
Periodontia Instruments
Probes and Explorers
Cutting Instruments
Nerve Insturments
   Instruments For Amalgam
Instruments For Amalam
Finger Cups
Plastic Filling Instruments
Cement Spatulas
Silicate Spatulas
Matrix Retainers
Matrix Bands
Rubber Dam Instruments
   Prosthetics, Ortodontia
Impression Trays
Impression Trays For Partial Impressions
Mixing Bowls
Wax Instruments
Wax, Porcelain and Modelling Carvers
Instruments For Crown Work
Riveting Hammers
Horn and Flask Mallets
Flat Nose Pliers
End And Side Nippers
Bar Bending Pliers
Wire Bending Pliers
Arch and Clasp Bending Pliers
Universal Pliers
Copper Ring and Bridge Removing Pliers
Crown Pliers
Contouring Pliers
Mini Vascular Clamps
Featherlight Bulldog Clamps
Bulldog Clamps
Atrauma Bulldog Clamps
Tissue and Organ Holding Forceps
Artery Forceps
Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
Bronchus and Gall Duct Clamps
Gall Duct Forceps
Tonsil Hemostatic Forceps
Auricle Forceps
Tangential Forceps
Kidney Pedicle Clamps
Peritoneal Clamp Froceps
Vaginal Forceps
Hysterectomy and Vaginal Forceps
Hysterectomy Forceps
Towel Forceps
Tubing Clamps
   Sponge Holding Forceps
Polypus and Dressing Forceps, Sponge Holding Forceps
Abdominal Retractors
Exchangeable Lateral Blades
Laminectomy Retractors
Abdominal Spatulas
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